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Novak Consulting Ltd.

Internet Architects - Strategic online partner

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Address 61A Stott Avenue
  New Zealand
Telephone +64 (09) 889 2275
  +61 (07) 3102 9637
  +36 (21) 252 3000
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Novak Consulting is a digital agency specialising in custom web applications for big ideas. The agency is comprised of unrelenting individuals who strive to build successful web applications for their clients.
Novak Consulting has expertise in both front and back end development, allowing their clients to reap the benefit of having their websites professionaly developed and designed in the same environment. This agency is fuelled to find new ways to enhance the way people find their information in the online world. Novak Consulting is able to bring the same expertise and vigor to your brand, taking it to the next level and beyond.

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